NPS Media Group provides a broad range of print and digital solutions to help media companies succeed in an ever more complex and challenging marketplace.

  • We talked to several different circulation consultants and knew we’d found the right people with NPS. Our circulation revenue grew by 30% their first year. Our newsstand sales have grown in a declining market for most magazines, and our direct mail is paying for itself. We couldn’t be happier with our team and the results. We have an ambitious growth target, and they’re helping us get there faster and more economically than we thought possible.

    Editor in Chief and Owner, Missouri Life
    Danita Allen Wood
  • Strategy+business has had the privilege of working with CSI for 18 years and I can say wholeheartedly that their level of commitment to our success is at least as strong as any in-house circulation department’s commitment would be. I dare say, it may even be stronger. Our CSI colleagues are true teammates who go over and above to deliver top-quality, personalized attention to strategy+business. With CSI, we get the benefit of a team of experts working on our account—a staff that no small publisher could afford to assemble in-house. In this day and age when so many corporate functions are out-sourced, it becomes ever more important to choose a partner who truly shares your passion for your business. CSI is that kind of partner. They are knowledgeable, accessible, hard-working, and are truly dedicated to the success of strategy+business.

    Publisher, strategy+business
    Gretchen Hall
  • I’m convinced that more and more magazines will be outsourcing certain functions as time goes by. Smaller companies may be much better off with the expertise and professionalism of a company like NPS than maintaining their own circulation department. We have worked with Greg Wolfe and his team for more than two years and I feel that we get their fullest attention and are as much a part of our team as anyone else on staff. They dedicate themselves to the success of La Cucina Italiana on a full time basis. Our circulation has grown a great deal over the past two years and they deserve much of the credit for it.

    Publisher, La Cucina Italiana
    George Hirsch
  • Greg Wolfe’s experienced team is the small publisher’s circulation department. Let NPS handle the daily details of circulation and fulfillment so you can focus on strategy, editorial and marketing. Complex projects coming up? Fulfillment conversions? Subscription list transfers? NPS will see you through safely.

    Adam Cohen
  • Greg Wolfe and his team professionalized our circulation efforts with best practices hard-won from many decades of circulation experience. He simplified our business, improved results and saved money. What more can you ask for? Lots more creative ideas! And he delivers. Critically for us he also understands the nuances of the regional magazine industry, which makes Greg and his team all the more effective.

    President, Moffly Media Publications
    Jonathan Moffly
  • NPS has been instrumental in guiding our circulation efforts for twenty plus years. The person-power, knowledge and expertise we have gained is immeasurable. NPS staff members are results-oriented, attuned to the bottom line, creative, and they care about their work and their clients.

    Associate Publisher, ARTnews
    Judith Esterow
  • Bringing NPS on board was like hiring an entire circulation department but with the added bonus of having the contacts and clout of a large publisher. Without question BBC Music Magazine has benefited from NPS’s stature, expertise, and good common sense and my only wish would be to have found and hired them sooner.

    Associate Publisher, BBC Music Magazine
    Christopher Payton