NPS has a 4-person reporting team led by Julie Chaloux. Julie has a master’s degree from RPI and oversees all of our reporting systems. We have a powerful SQL server- based platform that delivers information and intelligence for making important marketing and operations decisions in a faster and more accurate way than excel-based reporting. She has a very experienced support team with decades of experience in reporting and analytics.

Available Reports Include:

  • Monthly or Quarterly Executive Circulation Summaries

  • Weekly or monthly “dashboard” reports

  • Cash by source by month

  • Earned income by source and issue

  • Production by source and month

  • Billing by source and effort by month

  • Renewals by source, effort and expire group

  • Promotions P&L analysis by keycode

  • Promotion trend report (order flow by day)

  • Newsstand draw and sale reports

*Custom reports are available