Established in 1986, Evergreen Marketing carved out a successful niche helping many U.K. based publishers grow their U.S. presence. In 2013, Evergreen was acquired by NPS and has grown their client base to include more than 60 domestic and international magazines. Now, Evergreen has become the NPS Media Group.

The List Brokerage and Management team at NPS Media Group is headed by Jim Chiavelli, an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience as first, a special interest publisher and then as a respected list broker. He is joined by Kristin Grauer, an experienced list manager who has served clients of all types for over 15 years. Jim, Kris and their support staff will provide hands-on, personalized service and always work hard to exceed their clients’ expectations.

NPS Media Group’s client roster of UK titles, such as BBC Music, BBC History, History Revealed, Discover Britain, Scotland, France, The English Garden and Current World Archaeology is now only a small part of their business which now includes Archaeology Magazine, MIT Technology Review, Cricket Media, Delaware Today, Westchester Magazine, The Hunt, Hudson Valley Magazine and Main Line TodayWoodenBoat Magazine, Sovereign Media, Missouri Life and others.

List Brokerage

Let Evergreen Marketing’s extensive experience and expertise help you to identify and target new customers through innovative list strategies. You’ll immediately see results as our program helps you increase your sales, lower your costs, improve profits and grow your business faster.

  • Highly targeted customer acquisition strategies
  • Comprehensive list research
  • Profitable list recommendations
  • Creative test recommendations
  • Aggressive list price/exchange negotiation
  • Customer retention and reactivation programs
  • Close relationships with all of the major co-ops
  • Money saving merge purge strategies
  • E-append and postal append services at competitive prices

List Management

Evergreen Marketing’s promotion and sales of your customer files lead to one thing; increased list rental income. Our aggressive and proactive list sales strategies and knowledgeable sales staff is supported by highly refined, in-house marketing tools to get your list into circulation plans quickly; all the while protecting your company’s relationship with its customers. We understand the revenue potential of this valuable asset. Our sales professionals will market your postal address and e-mail list using the same sophisticated campaign strategies we recommend for our clients’ acquisition programs. We will:

  • Uncovering new, non-traditional list rental markets
  • Maximizing your rental returns in vertical list rental markets
  • Aggressive, innovative list marketing strategies
  • Maximizing your list exchange leverage
  • Protecting your critical customer relationships