Our international team is led by Frank Lama. Frank is a veteran circulator with years of experience working with UK publishers. We are experts in U.S. and North American publishing and circulation and we have refined a model to maximize profitability for UK and international publishers interested in expanding their brands into the North American market and building a strong incremental business here.

We are able to provide our UK and international clients a full turnkey solution that includes:

  • Circulation marketing (including access to our million+ piece direct mail coop)

  • Newsstand distribution (access to the entire U.S. newsstand channel and all retailers)

  • Subscription fulfillment (local mail processing, deposits, bill and renewal mailing, and customer service)

  • Overseas shipping of magazines from your printer to our mailing operation, and local mailing through the U.S. Postal Service at highly discounted rates

  • Financial management (banking, U.S. A/R and A/P, and reporting)

  • Tax preparation and audits